Whether it’s food, retail, or services I always try to shop local; there is something about the small mom and pop stores that are truly special. Maybe it’s the warm welcomes, the familiar faces, or the selfishness of feeling good about myself for giving back to the community.
I’ve always seen the benefits as a customer when I go into a hometown store. Now, as my family and I are building our own local business I can fully understand why people are so attracted to these small companies.

Image for Shop Local

The personal connections that are made between employees and customers are relationships that cannot be made in a chain store. Our business is always looking for ways to make our customers feel like family by the end of their experience.
When designing kitchens and bathrooms I always add personal touches that reflect their style, so at the end of the project it doesn’t just feel like a beautiful kitchen it feels like their kitchen. Those personal touches can be anything from a custom, open shelf, painted their favorite shade of burnt orange, to a house warming gift left on their countertop when the job has been completed.

Shop Local Sign by Britt

One of my personalized handmade signs that l include in some of the housewarming gifts.

Local businesses are able to connect and take more time with the communities they serve. When I stop by the farmers market I am always greeted with, “the zucchini is looking good this week,” because they know that zucchini is my favorite veggie. I could never get that service at a big grocery store!
It can be as small as us knowing your name to having the owner, my dad, show up at your son’s baseball game because little Jimmy asked him to go watch, (yes this really happened and no his name was not little Jimmy).
So, when you are thinking about grabbing your lunch from that fast food chain or going to a super store to find a gift for your grandma, remember the familiar faces and
Support your local businesses.